Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cotton Mouth is back!!

After a 15 month hiatus Cotton Mouth is about to be back online. The founder of the blog John Leek will not be able to contribute but on a once in a blue moon status. It is my opinion that Cotton Mouth is forever in debt to John Leek. It was his passion and incredible vision, especially for a 20 year old, that made this blog what it is. I will have to say I was intimidated by his enthusiasm and professionalism for someone 15 years my junior. He would chide me when I would let me emotions get the best of me, and point me in the right direction. It was folks like John Leek that made the 2008 election cycle what it was. He is in seminary to be a Methodist minister, very fitting for someone named John Wesley Leek. He will make one hell of a minister.

It has been hard for me not to be able to write. But like the rest of you I have a demanding job I have to attend to. I made a career move in December 2008 and have just now caught up to life. I am in IT and I had to learn UNIX for those of you who are dorks too. After ten years of Microsoft administration I am now a super goober with no graphical interface. I have now, after 15 months, reached a point of proficiency where I feel like writing again. I am dying to get back in the fight.

For now it will be just me. I am trying to get Jake back but we will see. I am going to post 4 or 5 articles a week. I look forward to getting it on with you right wing fanboys who regularly peruse the site.

Look for first post tomorrow or the next day.

The passing of HCR has us Dems ready to whip an elephant's ass. See you soon.