Friday, April 9, 2010

A belated thank you to Congressman Bennie Thompson

I have always considered Bennie Thompson to be the people's Representative. Bennie's votes are almost always on the right side of the issue if you are a progressive. Facing one of the most historic as well as controversial votes in the last twenty years, once again he did not let us down. Thank you Congressman Thompson for your vote on Health Care Reform.

Many Mississippians have suffered without health care because they earn too much money to qualify for federal programs and their jobs do not provide access. Many Mississippians have suffered because they have had their insurance canceled for no reason when they became ill. Many Mississippians have suffered because they have been denied insurance because of a preexisting condition. But now thanks to Bennie Thompson among others, the working man will have access to affordable health care. The insurance crooks can't drop you because of payout limits or made-up reasons. The insurance companies have to play fair and square now.

Speaking for many Mississippians I say a big Mississippi thank you to Congressman Bennie Thompson.

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