Thursday, April 8, 2010

MS-01 - Nunnelee's primary opponents push Social Security privatization

Will Alan Nunnelee follow the lead of his primary opponents, Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, and support privatization of Social Security? He is being pressured by the far-right teabagger element of his party, who have some really bat-crap crazy ideas about government, like for instance the privatization of Social Security. George W. Bush tried pushing Social Security privatization through Congress only to see the bill thoroughly rejected by the American people and our Legislative branch. After our recent financial crisis and current recession, one has to wonder how many Americans would have seen their Social Security go up in flames due to the recklessness and lack of regulation of Wall Street? Is that what we want, a crap-shoot with our Social Security?

Supporting this measure might be a winner in the GOP primary for MS-01. The issue is a loser on the federal stage, but hey the teabaggers hate the federal government. This will be interesting to say the least. Our friends at Majority in Mississippi delve in to other positive aspects of the GOP primary developments. As they noted this is a winning issue for the Democrats and distracts from the more toxic issues like the stimulus packages or health care reform.

Majority In Mississippi

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