Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wayback Machine: DFA Chair Jim Dean Interview from 2007

Hi folks, this is John Leek.  I thank Jeff for his kind words.  I am out of active partisan politics as I pursue God's call on my life.  I am glad he'll be starting this up again.  There's a voice here that isn't heard elsewhere.

I did this interview (nothing special) back in 2007 and somehow lost it, finding it again after I'd stopped blogging and so I'll share it now.  The focus is on Democracy For America and their endorsement of Gary Anderson and is largely lighthearted in tone and content.

In this second part I ask about how we can get folks like Representative Gene Taylor to "vote better." I'd like to state that I have always liked and respected Gene Taylor despite some disagreements. There are many reasons he is re-elected by such wide margins each year, one of which he is simply a good man.

The point Jim Dean makes about providing support once people are elected is so true. I once asked Gene Taylor who he got his mail from (as in which interest groups) and he shared that the overwhelming majority of form letters and e-mails that come in to his office come from groups like the American Family Association. We shouldn't be surprised that the loudest, most persistent voices are the ones that get the attention of our lawmakers.

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